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Welcome to the new Pizzaforbreakfast, renewed in graphics and contents with a new part of blog to be discovered. In my kitchen, some mornings it also happens to eat pizza for breakfast … that’s why the name pizza for breakfast! I could not call this site a place where you will find classic cuisine, but you will discover my cuisine made of dishes with seasonal products, spices and of course the sweets. As you will have understood, for me cooking is passion and I could never cook something that does not reflect my mood or my way of being in some way. After this long absence there is another beautiful novelty: Pizzaforbreakfast has opened a temporary blog, specifically a TemporaryBreadBlog, to collect all its bread recipes and make it a “bread corner”. Inside you will find not only the recipes, but also a part of blog with articles and small curiosities. Here instead you will continue to find my beloved recipes, suitable for everyone, from the easiest to the most elaborate, all tried, tasted and tried again … without forgetting the contribution of La Bottega del Vinaiolo that makes us always drink the right glass with each dish.

Il pane fatto in casa

The book you’ve always dreamed of …
More than 100 recipes of bread, pizza,
focaccia and desserts to not miss the best
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Le 9 Scodelle Restaurant

It is always pleasant to spend an evening at Le 9 scodelle, a small restaurant in Nolo, at the beginning of Viale Monza, opened a little over a year ago by Hujian Zhou of the Ravioleria Sarpi.


One of the most used ingredients when cooking, you either love it or hate it. Its undeniably characteristic taste turns the most simple dishes unique. Its a bulb, formed by many cloves (smaller bulbs) wrapped in multiple layers. It can be white or pink and can vary in size.


Cabbage is a part of the big family of cabbage (?). it has a round shape and its leaves (red or green) are tightly joined one to the other. Like for most cabbage, like turnip greens for example, it is said that the best ones come after a winter frost.

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Panini al latte

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