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Welcome to the new Pizzaforbreakfast, renewed in graphics and contents with a new part of blog to be discovered. In my kitchen, some mornings it also happens to eat pizza for breakfast … that’s why the name pizza for breakfast! I could not call this site a place where you will find classic cuisine, but you will discover my cuisine made of dishes with seasonal products, spices and of course the sweets. As you will have understood, for me cooking is passion and I could never cook something that does not reflect my mood or my way of being in some way. After this long absence there is another beautiful novelty: Pizzaforbreakfast has opened a temporary blog, specifically a TemporaryBreadBlog, to collect all its bread recipes and make it a “bread corner”. Inside you will find not only the recipes, but also a part of blog with articles and small curiosities. Here instead you will continue to find my beloved recipes, suitable for everyone, from the easiest to the most elaborate, all tried, tasted and tried again … 

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Fish Couscous

Vai alla ricetta!

Apple and Pear Strudel

Vai alla ricetta!

Potacchio Meat Pot from Marche

Vai alla ricetta!

Il pane fatto in casa

The book you’ve always dreamed of …
More than 100 recipes of bread, pizza,
focaccia and desserts to not miss the best
of fresh yeast and sourdough.
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Latest Articles

La Bottega del Vinaiolo Winery

The guys of La Bottega del Vinaiolo, who have two stores, one in via Washington and one in via Piero della Francesca, have chosen to keep only wine from small wineries and above all are very careful about waste and recycling.

Ramen A Mano Chinese Restaurant

I read an interesting review by Mariella Tanzarella on the column Sapori of Repubblica newspaper on this restaurant. I was intrigued by the fact that the place was called ramen by hand, but in reality they serve the lamians there.

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Panini al latte

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