Fantasy of Bell Peppers

It seems strange to propose a recipe of peppers this season, but I must admit that they are the ones I found in my ten minutes of air when I went shopping. Their color has conquered me, a touch of joy and a prelude to summer. And of course … #iorestoacasa!

Baked Vegetable with Honey and Thyme

The choice of vegetables is not casual. First, they must all have the same texture so that the baking becomes uniform. Also carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and turnips are slightly sweet, perfect to match with honey and thyme.

Red Beets Leaves with Anchovy

To cook the beets (but the same method is also used for spinach, etc.) with the only water remaining attached after washing, is necessary to not to soak these delicate vegetables with too much water. They tend to release water in cooking, so it would be a pity to “drown them” in too much water.

Cauliflower with Veggie Béchamel

This “vegetable” version of the béchamel without milk and butter is designed for those allergic to lactose, but also to vegans and to all those people who can not eat protein for various reasons. If you want to make the classic version, substitute the vegetable broth with 2 liters of milk and the oil with 150 g of butter.

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