Hungarian Pretzels

The characteristic of these pretzels is that they must be very crumbly and melt in the mouth: this is why, in addition to flour, I also used cornstarch.

Pea Plum-cake, Egg Mimosa and Wine Mayonnaise

If you want to use this plum-cake for a pleasant outdoor picnic, you can avoid preparing the hard-boiled egg, but bring the mayonnaise in a separate container. When you cut the slices of plum cake, place a mayonnaise dollop on each one.

Prawns with Citrus Mayo

Mayonnaise is always considered a very difficult sauce to prepare, but following a few rules is very easy: 1. leave the eggs out of the fridge for half an hour so they are not too cold; 2. pour the oil or citrus juice thinly and continuously while whipping; 3. use the hand blender in the high-speed position so the mayonnaise incorporates as much air as possible.

Mussels and Clams Sauté with Pastis

Patis is an aniseed drink produced in France that also contains a little sugar. If you do not find it, you can use any aniseed liqueur, in this case you may use only two tablespoons because the flavor is more pronounced.

Veal Tartare with Curry Oil

The cut of meat must be very fresh, because it should be eaten raw, so when you buy it, check the packaging date well or tell the butcher what kind of preparation you need.

Crunchy Spiced Chickpeas

This recipe is very simple, the only thing that you have to pay attention is dry the chickpeas very, very well after you have drained, because after the baking in the oven they will tend, anyway, to get soggy a little.

Greek Tzatziki

The final flavor of the tzatziki is not overly strong, but the squeezed raw garlic, gives a very distinctive and typical taste to this Greek sauce.

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