Tuna Eggs

Since I launched into summer recipes with peppers and with these beautiful days (closed at home), I decided to prepare another classic dish that I always do in the summer. #iorestoacasa

Hungarian Pretzels

The characteristic of these pretzels is that they must be very crumbly and melt in the mouth: this is why, in addition to flour, I also used cornstarch.

Pea Plum-cake, Egg Mimosa and Wine Mayonnaise

If you want to use this plum-cake for a pleasant outdoor picnic, you can avoid preparing the hard-boiled egg, but bring the mayonnaise in a separate container. When you cut the slices of plum cake, place a mayonnaise dollop on each one.

Greek Spanakopita

In the mix to thicken it I used raw couscous, but the original product is called Trahana (very easy to find in all supermarkets in Greece, not known in Italy).

Phyllo Dough

This phyllo is not difficult to make, it is only long to spread very thin, but its elastic consistency lends itself very well to this operation.

Green Tomatoes Spicy Jam

This jam is perfect for consuming tomatoes that are at the end of the season and they are no longer mature (if you cultivate them) and you can serve it, like a mustard or a chutney, with boiled or roasted meat.

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