First Course

Tasty Pumpkin Gnocchi

Much of the success of pumpkin gnocchi depends on the consistency of the pulp of the vegetable, but alas it is difficult to understand it at the time of purchase.

Curry Ravioli

This recipe is as simple as good with the spicy touch of curry instead of the classic saffron (which you can use if you like it more). You can also prepare it in advance and put it in the oven at the last moment.

Rocket and Basil Pesto Lasagna

Rocket pesto is a good way to use advanced salad, perhaps a little shriveled. Be careful though, because this vegetable has an intense, spicy and bitter taste, so mix it with basil, so the result will be more balanced.

Wholegrain orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and avocado

This pasta, very healthy and easy and quick to prepare, is excellent both warm, that is served immediately after draining it, and cold, for a summer lunch. In this case, after draining it, pass it under cold water, drain it again, season it and keep it in the fridge for a few hours (if you have time!).

Black Rice with Curry Broccoli Cream

This is a perfect recipe for those on a diet. Better to taste it for lunch, taking protein for dinner. Usually in the controlled diets 1 meal of oil is calculated per meal and in fact among the ingredients you find only 2 tablespoons of oil (the recipe is for two person).

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