Apple and Pear Strudel

Resting fruit with apple juice makes the fruit flavor more intense and reduces the use of sugar. Depending on the season, you can use, in addition to apples, plums, raspberries, apricots and other fruit you like.

Quarantine Cake

This simple cake lends itself to be enjoyed at breakfast dipped in milk, but also for a snack, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and finally served at the end of the meal stuffed to taste.

Plum-Cake of the Wait

I wanted to call this sweet Plum-cake of waiting, because we are experiencing special days and I like the idea of fixing this moment in time and then looking back and smiling at all of this. This is an experience too and as such we must treasure it.

Plum-cake with Pink Wine Syrup

The sugar in the syrup softens the driest notes and the wine in turn makes the dessert less cloying. In addition, the pink color creates a pleasant nuance that can become an effect decoration for a special (romantic) occasion.

Banana Pancakes (without eggs)

If you don’t have eggs or you can’t eat them, this is a good alternative: a banana replaces about 2 eggs obtaining a very similar result for consistency. Plus the pleasant fruit taste!

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