Golden milk with Turmeric

After Christmas binges this turmeric drink is a panacea, just be careful because turmeric is very dirty. Handle it with care because even the hands can be dyed yellow and use a saucepan that you do not particularly keep (and even the cup) because it could remain a bit colorful.

Ginger Tea and Honey

This is the classic Korean tea, with a very marked taste of ginger that borders on the spicy. Honey also serves to sweeten it all. This tea is a panacea for a sore throat and cough, other than syrup …

Pineapple Sage tea and Gonji Berries

If you want, once you have simmered, you can remove the pineapple sage leaves from the tea, but keep the gongji berries that are very good, they do very well and cooked in the water they soften pleasantly.

Avocado Tea

You will see that the water will become a beautiful red shining… think the core and also the avocado peels are also used to dye the fabric, which turns from pink to fuchsia depending on how many “baths” you make them do in water and avocado waste.

Cashew Nuts Milk

Cashew milk replaces milk of animal origin, as well as that of almonds for example. Remember to buy natural cashews, not salted.

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