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Summer “Fritto di Paranza”

The “fritto di paranza” is so called because of the net (the paranza) that is used to catch smaller fish. Usually there can be mullet, hake, sole and small leaves and they are all fried whole with the head.

Hungarian Pretzels

The characteristic of these pretzels is that they must be very crumbly and melt in the mouth: this is why, in addition to flour, I also used cornstarch.

Wholegrain Cookies with Cereals

These cookies are a great way to not throw away a leftover morning cereal that you may have left. Instead of granola or muesli you can also use cereal flakes (like Corn Flakes®) or puffed rice grains (like Rice Krispies®)

Bread and Cured Meats Croquettes

It is difficult to give precise doses for these croquettes precisely because, being prepared with leftovers, the quantities can change. The advice I can give you, therefore, is to taste the mixture and test its consistency.

Grilled Salmon with Breadcrumbs and Herbs

If you want, for an elegant dinner, buy a whole salmon about 2 kg clean, scaled and without skin. It will be enough for about 8 people. Bring it whole to the table, all covered with breadcrumbs and let it cook in the oven for about 45 minutes.

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