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Curry Ravioli

This recipe is as simple as good with the spicy touch of curry instead of the classic saffron (which you can use if you like it more). You can also prepare it in advance and put it in the oven at the last moment.

Pork Shank in Red Wine

While you have opened a good bottle of wine to cook meat, I advise you to serve what remains (and not only) also to accompany the shin at the table. The aromas of meat and wine will be in perfect harmony.

Banana Pancakes (without eggs)

If you don’t have eggs or you can’t eat them, this is a good alternative: a banana replaces about 2 eggs obtaining a very similar result for consistency. Plus the pleasant fruit taste!

Rocket and Basil Pesto Lasagna

Rocket pesto is a good way to use advanced salad, perhaps a little shriveled. Be careful though, because this vegetable has an intense, spicy and bitter taste, so mix it with basil, so the result will be more balanced.

Lemon Cake

I took the recipe from the Cucina del Corriere della Sera column, always a source of inspiration for its beautiful proposals released on the day of the death of the famous queen of cakes, the American Maida Heatter.

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