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Wholegrain orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and avocado

This pasta, very healthy and easy and quick to prepare, is excellent both warm, that is served immediately after draining it, and cold, for a summer lunch. In this case, after draining it, pass it under cold water, drain it again, season it and keep it in the fridge for a few hours (if you have time!).

Meat rolls with Marzemino Wine and Tomatoes au Gratin

The stuffing of the meat rolls that is also used as a gratin for the cherry tomatoes is easy and quick to make: with just one gesture you have a mixture ready for two different dishes. Also, if you have a little leftover, add some dried tomatoes in oil in strips, and fry everything in a pan with an anchovy fillet. Use this sauce to season spaghetti (perhaps adding a little chilli to taste).

Black Rice with Curry Broccoli Cream

This is a perfect recipe for those on a diet. Better to taste it for lunch, taking protein for dinner. Usually in the controlled diets 1 meal of oil is calculated per meal and in fact among the ingredients you find only 2 tablespoons of oil (the recipe is for two person).

Pea Plum-cake, Egg Mimosa and Wine Mayonnaise

If you want to use this plum-cake for a pleasant outdoor picnic, you can avoid preparing the hard-boiled egg, but bring the mayonnaise in a separate container. When you cut the slices of plum cake, place a mayonnaise dollop on each one.

Golden milk with Turmeric

After Christmas binges this turmeric drink is a panacea, just be careful because turmeric is very dirty. Handle it with care because even the hands can be dyed yellow and use a saucepan that you do not particularly keep (and even the cup) because it could remain a bit colorful.

Ginger Tea and Honey

This is the classic Korean tea, with a very marked taste of ginger that borders on the spicy. Honey also serves to sweeten it all. This tea is a panacea for a sore throat and cough, other than syrup …

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