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Tuna Eggs

Since I launched into summer recipes with peppers and with these beautiful days (closed at home), I decided to prepare another classic dish that I always do in the summer. #iorestoacasa

Fantasy of Bell Peppers

It seems strange to propose a recipe of peppers this season, but I must admit that they are the ones I found in my ten minutes of air when I went shopping. Their color has conquered me, a touch of joy and a prelude to summer. And of course … #iorestoacasa!

Plum-Cake of the Wait

I wanted to call this sweet Plum-cake of waiting, because we are experiencing special days and I like the idea of fixing this moment in time and then looking back and smiling at all of this. This is an experience too and as such we must treasure it.

Plum-cake with Pink Wine Syrup

The sugar in the syrup softens the driest notes and the wine in turn makes the dessert less cloying. In addition, the pink color creates a pleasant nuance that can become an effect decoration for a special (romantic) occasion.

Tasty Pumpkin Gnocchi

Much of the success of pumpkin gnocchi depends on the consistency of the pulp of the vegetable, but alas it is difficult to understand it at the time of purchase.

Curry Ravioli

This recipe is as simple as good with the spicy touch of curry instead of the classic saffron (which you can use if you like it more). You can also prepare it in advance and put it in the oven at the last moment.

Pork Shank in Red Wine

While you have opened a good bottle of wine to cook meat, I advise you to serve what remains (and not only) also to accompany the shin at the table. The aromas of meat and wine will be in perfect harmony.

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