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Forno Condiviso #buonaidea

Forno Condiviso del Corvetto wants to be a meeting point, a place for a community that revolves around the world of bread. A center where neighborhood residents, students, enthusiasts, producers and craftsmen find their meeting point.

La Bottega del Vinaiolo Winery

The guys of La Bottega del Vinaiolo, who have two stores, one in via Washington and one in via Piero della Francesca, have chosen to keep only wine from small wineries and above all are very careful about waste and recycling.

Ramen A Mano Chinese Restaurant

I read an interesting review by Mariella Tanzarella on the column Sapori of Repubblica newspaper on this restaurant. I was intrigued by the fact that the place was called ramen by hand, but in reality they serve the lamians there.

Tenuta San Carlo Restaurant

What immediately intrigued me about this place is that it is a farm that produces rice. And so far nothing new. But it produces it in Tuscany, precisely in the heart of the Maremma within the Uccellina Park.


Its peculiarity is that it serves Okonomiyaki, a kind of egg, cabbage and flour omelette, cooked on a plate to which other ingredients are added.

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