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Fuori Mano Restaurant

The name of the place has its own reason, it’s really out of the way (in the north-east of Milan towards Bicocca), but when you get there you won’t want to leave.

Cantine Isola

A historic Milanese wine shop that opens its doors in the late nineteenth century, it is a classic, almost predictable, meeting point in the area of Paolo Sarpi.

Le 9 Scodelle Restaurant

It is always pleasant to spend an evening at Le 9 scodelle, a small restaurant in Nolo, at the beginning of Viale Monza, opened a little over a year ago by Hujian Zhou of the Ravioleria Sarpi.


One of the most used ingredients when cooking, you either love it or hate it. Its undeniably characteristic taste turns the most simple dishes unique. Its a bulb, formed by many cloves (smaller bulbs) wrapped in multiple layers. It can be white or pink and can vary in size.


Cabbage is a part of the big family of cabbage (?). it has a round shape and its leaves (red or green) are tightly joined one to the other. Like for most cabbage, like turnip greens for example, it is said that the best ones come after a winter frost.


One leads to another and every year we are almost anxiously waiting for cherry season. They revoke summer trips to the countryside, a table under the fresh shadow of an arbor on a hot day with friends.


One of the most classic citrus fruits, always welcome in the kitchen. Both the juice, the peel and the seeds (they thicken jams) are used. There are many different varieties, but the important thing is to choose the right one for your recipe.


Red, see, juicy… maybe the only words that you really need to describe strawberries, but we can try and go a little further. They ripen between April and may, which makes them the first berries to give us all their goodness. There are many different varieties, some bigger and elongated, some smaller and round, but they can all be prepared in the same way.

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