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Tenuta San Carlo Restaurant

What immediately intrigued me about this place is that it is a farm that produces rice. And so far nothing new. But it produces it in Tuscany, precisely in the heart of the Maremma within the Uccellina Park.


Its peculiarity is that it serves Okonomiyaki, a kind of egg, cabbage and flour omelette, cooked on a plate to which other ingredients are added.

Fairouz Restaurant

Lebanese vegetarian cuisine restaurant. The best for me that I love Middle Eastern cuisine and vegetables! Always full (you have to book in advance), this restaurant with warm colors and Mediterranean settings offers a very varied cuisine, although without meat or fish.

Il Vinaccio Wine Bar

They call themselves the “neighborhood wine bar”, and I must say that this is the case. Il Vinaccio is the place where you go to drink a glass and you know you will find someone you know, or it is the place where you finally sit at the end of the day to have a drink and you will always find nice and helpful people behind the counter.

Restaurant Al Mercato da Maurizio

There are comfort foods and comfort places. Maurizio is a confort place for me. I have been going back for years because not only you eat well, but you drink even better and the owner, Maurizio, is a reserved and kind person at the same time.

Fuori Mano Restaurant

The name of the place has its own reason, it’s really out of the way (in the north-east of Milan towards Bicocca), but when you get there you won’t want to leave.

Cantine Isola

A historic Milanese wine shop that opens its doors in the late nineteenth century, it is a classic, almost predictable, meeting point in the area of Paolo Sarpi.

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