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These small rolls have many variations in both preparation and cooking. In this beautiful season, they are ideal for cooking on the barbecue grill, but remember, before skewering the bowls on the sticks, soak them in water so that they do not burn on contact with embers. An alternative cooking is in the oven at 200 °
for about 20 minutes.

The cut of the capocollo is a little mixed and this makes the preparation very soft. If you don’t like pork, you can opt for veal: pay attention to cooking so that the meat is not too dry.

i consigli del vinaiolo

A Nero di Troia, an autochthonous grape of Puglia. Three hypotheses have come forward regarding the name Uva di Troia, the first has an epic scenario, and wants the Uva di Troia originally from the historic city of Asia minor of Troy described by Homer in his stories. Legend has it that the vine arrived along the Apulian coasts through the Greek colonizers. Another hypothesis indicates the Albanian town Cruja as the origin of the Grape of Troy, but the thesis indicating the original grape variety of the characteristic Apulian city of Troia remains more probable.
From Grape di Troia, intense ruby red wines with violet hues and excellent consistency are obtained. The sense of smell is rich in red fruit: blackberries, cherries, plums and figs fioroni, hints of spices, black pepper and cloves. In the mouth with good body, quite savory and fresh. Structured and intense wine with good persistence.


  • 6 large or 12 small slices of pork capocollo
  • 12 slices of sweet pancetta
  • 120 g of caciocavallo cheese
  • a bunch of sage
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper




10 minutes

Cooking time

15-20 minutes


very easy


Flatten the capocollo slices with a meat pounder, then cut them in half (if they are large). Place a slice of pancetta on each one and, in the center, a caciocavallo cube.

Roll the meat around the filling by folding the edges so that it is rounded. Thus formed all the rolls, then skewer them three by three, on long wooden sticks alternating the rolls with sage leaves. Finally, brush them with oil, salt and pepper them.

Heat a plate or even better the barbecue and cook the bowls for about 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the rolls and the heat of the embers.

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