Last year I met Lisa Ghezzi after reading a cookbook, Le cuoche di casa mia, which she and two other girls published to find work bags for the mothers of Strada’s family home, for which Lisa works.

The project seemed immediately interesting to me: to involve 10 women from the family home, making them tell the recipe of the heart. Food, I always say, is a universal language and this book expresses precisely this concept: through the recipes we discover the lives of others and learn to know them.

This year Lisa and I gathered at the end of her project, and she told the Cibo & Società Master’s students about her experience. I invited her to my laboratory on food publishing because this project seemed to me very apt to explain to the students what it means to use food to communicate something else. That, a small cookbook, in appearance, is actually a great book of life stories.

Lisa’s project foresaw that the 10 chosen women would confront 10 Italian women, call them women for change, because they too wanted to change something in their lives.
So 10 meetings have been scheduled, each with a woman from the family home and one for change, in a home cooking, each one telling and preparing their own recipe. Each to tell their own life, their own change.

Lisa’s speak was very interesting, because it retraced all the phases of the project, from the idea, to the search for funds, to the realization, to the publication and the sale.
The idea came by accident, after a meeting in the family home. Lisa realized that when she met women they lived there, these as a welcome gesture always prepared wonderful delicacies. Cooking has a strong identity value and offering food to others gives pride and security, then sharing it is the best part of the meeting, in my opinion.

The road was not easy, but tenacity won and the project exceeded expectations exceeding the 25,000 euros that Lisa had set.
A beautiful story to tell, to read and to cook. Thanks Lisa!

Le cuoche di casa mia
La Strada, 2018


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