The guys of La Bottega del Vinaiolo, who have two stores, one in via Washington and one in via Piero della Francesca, have chosen to keep only wine from small wineries and above all are very careful about waste and recycling. In fact, from them you can find bulk wine and in bag in box, thus eliminating the cost of bottle, cap, labels and capsule and the cost of the bottle box. And then everything is recycled. Not bad!

They are the creators of all the combinations of my recipes and I must say that they always manage to amaze me with proposals that are never banal.

From them you can buy bottles, bag-in-box, but you can also taste a good glass of wine by having a chat. In the shop you can also find bulk wine, a couple of reds and a couple of white, which change from time to time, with which you can have bottles filled directly. The beauty is that even in this case there is no waste, because when you finish them, wash them and you can have them filled again.

La Bottega del Vinaiolo
via Piero della Francesca, 36
via Washington, 91


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