I read an interesting review by Mariella Tanzarella on the column Sapori of Repubblica newspaper on this restaurant. I was intrigued by the fact that the place was called ramen by hand, but in reality they serve the lamians there.

Chinese ancestors of ramen, they are long noodles more or less thick. And here is the first peculiarity of this place: the soup broth is only one, you can choose what kind of lamian you want inside. On the menu there are photos of the various types and they differ from one another according to the “pull”, that is the times that the dough is stretched. The classic thickness is 6 pulls, a kind of spaghetti or thick tagliolino, but you can also have an 8 pull, very thin, or a three pull, very often. The broth would be worth tasting even without the lamian, because it is cooked 4 hours with spices and aromas to make your head spin. I have never managed to finish all the lamians because the broth is so good that I have to drink it all, even though they explained to me that the Chinese eat the lamians and leave the broth instead.

On the menu there are other courses (I always take the cashews with the algae), to try them too, but less particular than the lamian in broth.

Ramen a mano
via Lomazzo, 20

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