Pleasant evening at the Circolo Ristoro La Torre di Albaretto la Torre nelle Langhe, in the province of Cuneo. Classic Piedmontese cuisine well cooked, chef and very kind staff. We started with the classic Piedmontese appetizers: raw meat, vitello tonnato, peppers, vegetable flan with fondue and Russian salad. Then we moved on to the first, very generous portions of excellent langaroli ravioli and tajarin with ragù (impeccable). At that point only gluttony made us taste tripe and vegetables without giving up the crème caramel.

A note on the Nebbiolo of the Scuola Enologica di Alba, a poem!

The restaurant is tastefully furnished with 50s modern furniture. In the summer there
is also a garden where you can have lunch or dinner enjoying the wonderful view of the soft hills of the long covered with vineyards and hazelnut trees.

La Torre Circolo Ristoro
via Castello, 24
Albaretto la Torre (Cn)

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