You know, the night of San Lorenzo is magical, but I was lucky enough to make it even more magical by participating in a wonderful evening at the Fattoria dei Barbi in Montalcino. The atmosphere was fairy, total white dress code, decorations and even the menu was all white. The chef Maurizio Ianniciello has thought it down to the smallest detail: from the appetizer to the dessert, each course was of splendid candor.

Poached egg cooked at a low temperature with pecorino cream, pinci (or pici, depending on the area of ​​Tuscany) cacio e pepe arrived on the table in an enormous pecorino cheese, the supreme of guinea fowl with soft potato and finally the drop of white chocolate and yogurt. Each course was paired with a wine from the Cinelli Colombini cellar range, from the fresh Vermentino for the appetizer to the wonderful Brunello Vigna del Fiore on the finish, before the Passito. A crescendo of well-balanced flavors culminating in a visit to the cellar with candle light.

But it’s not over, because the hosts have surprised us with a midnight spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli spaghetti (from ancient Senatore Capelli wheat produced by Daniela Mugelli of Tenuta Monte Sante Marie) that the chef prepared at the center of garden among the tables in the beautiful setting of the Fattoria dei Barbi.

In short, a very pleasant evening in the splendid setting of the soft hills of Montalcino with an enchanted atmosphere, wonderful wines and menus, as well as a an organization that has taken care of everything down to the smallest details.

Fattoria dei Barbi
Località Podernovi, 170 | Strada Consorziale dei Barbi
53024 Montalcino (SI)

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