What immediately intrigued me about this place is that it is a farm that produces rice. And so far nothing new. But it produces it in Tuscany, precisely in the heart of the Maremma within the Uccellina Park. The restaurant instead of serving the classic pappardelle, for example, uses rice for its courses.

A large table welcomes us at the entrance, with jars of cereal and legumes on which the candles rest between the well-laid table. The menu is one, at 30 euros, changes daily and the restaurant is also open to guests of the agriturismo (which has 7 apartments). Since the structure is young (and growing well) for now you can have dinner with them on Thursday and Friday nights.

We started with a delicate, well-balanced panzanella and a norcino salad: a pleasant mix of cured meats and pickles. Then came the risotto and it was a fairy tale (I admit to being biased because I love risotto). With lemon, with perfumed zest and “all’onda” at the right point. Second course was the Maremmana cow stew with zucchini. The meat with its cooking sauce melted in the mouth. Closure in beauty with a rice and cocoa cake with the sour touch of orange. More than enough choice of whites and reds wines in the area, all interesting labels. So far a good restaurant with well cooked food (and say little!), but the thing that seemed most interesting to me is that they know how to use the ingredients of the macchia mediterranea to cook.

Before dinner we were accompanied to make a small journey on the estate to discover the flavors of the bush that we then found in the salad (with wild carrot flowers), in tomatoes (with salicornia) and, at the end of the meal, in a a delicious digestive herbal tea. Credit to the well-knit staff for the future is the minimum because they have shown that they know how to exploit all their resources in the right way.

Tenuta San Carlo
Strada Provinciale 40 Della Trappola, 147/a
58100 Grosseto 


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