I went to dinner at the Maidò following the advice of the Asian restaurant review site No mayo (https://www.nomayo.org/). Its peculiarity is that it serves Okonomiyaki, a kind of egg, cabbage and flour omelette, cooked on a plate to which other ingredients are added. is a classic street food that is very commonly found in Osaka, Japan.

I tried the one with cheese and spinach, interesting texture and taste. To try again with other tastes. Then I tried into a classic Teriyaki Bowl with rice, chicken, vegetables, cashews and seaweed. Really good!

Another very nice dish that they serve in this place are the Rice Burger, two disks of pressed rice with various fillings inside. In closing the Yakiudon spicy with peppers, spicy sauce, coriander and cashew nuts. To come back to try the rest.

The restaurants are very small, in via Dal verme you can book, in via Savona no.

via Savona, 15
via Dal Verme, 16

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