We are in the heart of the Langhe, towards Val Bormida, in a tiny village on whose main street there is this restaurant. I discovered it thanks to a dear friend of mine who brought me, and I thank him again now because it really is a special place.

A restaurant of other times, in which you don’t choose from a menu, but you are offered every dish in a roundup of Piedmontese Langhe cuisine to lose your head. Raw meat, Robiola di Roccaverano croutons, peppers, pies, tajarin, plin, roast and guinea fowl, side dishes, desserts.

The first time I went there I would have stopped after the starters, so many are the proposals, but for gluttony I went ahead. When we arrived at the dessert, I thought that I would not be able to eat anything else, but my friend told me: “you can’t not taste their panna cotta”. Obviously he convinced me quickly with this argument, and I must say he was absolutely right. So a tip, if you come to this restaurant, always keep a little space
for the panna cotta! Discounted wines are excellent given the production area.


Ristorante della Posta da Geminio
via Roma, 4
Olmo Gentile (At)

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