They call themselves the “neighborhood wine bar”, and I must say that this is the case.
Il Vinaccio is the place where you go to drink a glass and you know you will find someone you know, or it is the place where you finally sit at the end of the day to have
a drink and you will always find nice and helpful people behind the counter.

The choice of wines covers all the needs and if you forgot the wine, you can buy it from them even on Sundays (not bad!). They have a selection of already cold white wines, very comfortable for the last moment or to bring an already fresh bottle as a gift. The aperitif counter is quite wide, you can bring snacks as many times as you want and before offering you a wine they always let you taste it.

Depending on the season there is also an interesting selection of craft beers.

Il Vinaccio
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 49
via Molino delle Armi, 25
Piazza Ambrosoli
viale Bligny, 19

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