The name of the place has its own reason, it’s really out of the way (in the north-east
of Milan towards Bicocca), but when you get there you won’t want to leave. In the large and informal environment, very bright and with lots of plants, you will surely find the place for you.

I went there over the weekend when they serve brunch, varied and plentiful, you can choose from five different proposals, from the classic American, to Veggie, to no gluten. I tasted the Veggie and the continental (I wasn’t alone!) and I didn’t know how to choose between pancakes, spelled and black rice salad, savory pie or hummus … By default they also bring orange juice, coffee, tea and water.

This is a place to live all day, for a quick lunch (with sandwiches, first courses and pizzas), for an aperitif, for a dinner (with burger and pizzas), for an after dinner sipping a good cocktail. But also to study, work on the computer in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

via Cozzi, 3

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