It is always pleasant to spend an evening at Le 9 scodelle, a small restaurant in Nolo, at the beginning of Viale Monza, opened a little over a year ago by Hujian Zhou of the Ravioleria Sarpi. The menu consists of nine proposals, the nine bowls, ranging from meat, to fish, from pasta to rice, to vegetables. The characteristic of the cuisine is the spicy and fragrant taste, typical of Sichuan cuisine, in addition to the very high quality of the ingredients.

The recipes on the menu vary quite frequently and the excellent ravioli and hand-made spaghetti, the kongpao chicken, with a slightly sweet-and-sour flavor, the whole bao that can also be chosen in a vegetarian version and the ever-present spicy bacon stand out. I am always moved by their eggplant, but I am always embarrassed to choose, because I would like to try everything.

If I have to find a small flaw, the tables are very close and there are benches to sit on.

Ristorante Le 9 scodelle
Viale Monza, 4

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