Cabbage is a part of the big family of cabbage (?). it has a round shape and its leaves (red or green) are tightly joined one to the other. Like for most cabbage, like turnip greens for example, it is said that the best ones come after a winter frost.

when cooking, they can be used in soups, minestrone, salads and for the famous sauerkraut – simply cabbage cut into thin strips and left to ferment for about a month.

You can buy sauerkraut already made or you can prepare them at home, but either way you’ll need to rinse them from the liquid they are covered in and then cook for about an hour.

When you buy cabbage always check that the leaves are attached firmly together so that the head looks firm and of a bright light green (or red) color.
To prepare it, get rid of just the external leaves, the final part of the stem and then cut it in half; rinse it under running water ad then cut it in small, thin strips. When you get to the final part of the stem, cut off the white hard core.
Green cabbage has a slightly more delicate taste compared to the red one.

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