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In the Christmas season I often prepare the panettone in which only yolks are needed: this
is a very good and very sweet way to use egg whites without throwing them away!

For angel cake, a classic American sweet, you need the special aluminum donut mold with the feet. It must absolutely not be buttered so that the dough has time to cool down without sliding off the mold. It is easily found in the most stocked and online household stores.

This Christmas version has the aroma of gingerbread spices, if you like, you can prepare the angel cake all year round by replacing them with 1 and a half teaspoon of vanilla essence.


  • 150 g of sifted flour

  • 300 g of sugar

  • 12 egg whites

  • 1 and a half teaspoon of cream of tartar

  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt

  • 1 teaspoon of spices for gingerbread




15 minutes

Cooking time

35-40 minutes




Sift the flour with 150 g of sugar.

Beat the egg whites with the cream of tartar, salt and spices for gingerbread until soft tips are obtained. Add 150 g of sugar, 2 tablespoons at a time, and continue whipping until a shiny and aerated mixture is formed such as that for meringue.

Sift about half of the flour and sugar mix onto the egg whites and incorporate it with a flat spatula; continue in the same way until all the flour is used up.

Pour the mixture into a chiffon cake mold of about 25 cm in diameter without butter and cook in a hot oven at 190° for 35-40 minutes.

Turn the mold upside down and let the cake cool completely. When it is cold, pass the blade of a small knife on the sides of the mold and delicately turn out
the cake.

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