One leads to another and every year we are almost anxiously waiting for cherry season. They revoke summer trips to the countryside, a table under the fresh shadow of an arbor on a hot day with friends. The most famous ones are probably “Vignola” cherries – the pulp has such a deep purple tone it’s almost scary – swollen and shiny.

Italy has so many varieties, mostly divided in “tenerine” (tender ones) and “duroni” (hard ones) and the size of the fruit, also known as calibre. They ripen between late May and the June and satisfy any palate. Do you want them purple and pulpy, like said before? We have them! Do you like them in a bright red, with white pulp? You can find these ones as well. And if you are not satisfied you can always check out sour black cherries, close relatives to cherries which, as the name suggests, are a little bit more sour in taste.

They are used for desserts, like the excellent French clafoutis or the British crumble, together with meat or fish, for jams (the only downside is that you’ll have to remove all of the seeds before you cook them…), as candied fruits or preserves with spirits or syrup.

If you can, however, savor them as they are, as soon as it’s the right season, with ice cubes in a bowl for example, comparison isn’t up for discussion!

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