Red, see, juicy… maybe the only words that you really need to describe strawberries, but we can try and go a little further. They ripen between April and may, which makes them the first berries to give us all their goodness. There are many different varieties, some bigger and elongated, some smaller and round, but they can all be prepared in the same way.

Quickly wash them under running water, with the stalk still on so that they don’t get all damp, then dry them with some kitchen roll, and proceed with your recipe of choice.

If you want to have them with sugar and lemon, take out the green stalk and all the leaves by making a small incision underneath it in the pulp, cut them in halves or quarters depending on their size. Sprinkle them with sugar and spray them with lemon or lime juice. You can use this cut/process for fruit salads as well.

If you serve them in a buffet (both for the aperitif or after dinner) leave them with the stalk on, mostly for aesthetic reasons. Otherwise, if you want to dip them in melted chocolate, leave them whole, cutting off just the stalk, and thread them on a cocktail stick. You can do it yourself and them leave them to dry on some oven paper, or bring put the melted chocolate on the table (you’ll have to keep it warm with a small flame or in a bowl “au Bain-marie”) so that your guests themselves can dip them.

If you want to serve a dessert with a strawberry coulis, you’ll just need to put them in the blender/mixer, sift them to get rid of the seeds and add some powdered sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Easy and well appreciated
strawberries are perfect for jam; try and add a couple of basil leaves every kg
of strawberries, they will instensify the flavor.

They are quite easy to grow as well, even on your apartment’s balcony. Remember though, they are weed plants, so you could be invaded by strawberries invert short time – not that bad!

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