One of the most used citrus fruits in ethnic cuisine, ? Lime is a part of the big family of citrus fruits. The differences between lime and lemon are in the peel – bright green and much thinner for the first one, and in the juice – more scented. Originating from Malesia, this fruit has spread among all the tropical regions.

Fun Fact: did you know that this scented citrus fruit was brought to Florida
and other parta of the US by Europeans in the 16th century? Thank goodness, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to taste the amazing Key Lime Pie, a typical dessert of the Key Islands, which is made with a lime-juice based custard and fluffy whipped cream.

Lime is also largely used in Mexican cuisine (it plays a fundamental role in Guacamole), and in curry-based dishes like the ones in the Thai o Chinese cuisine.
And let’s not forget that famous cocktails like Mohito or Daiquiri wouldn’t be the same without lime!

Ultimately, this is an ingredient to discover, if you do not know it yet, or to always keep in the fridge, if you already love it.

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