Eggplant are one of the most typical summer vegetables. There are very many sorts, from the long ones covered in a dark purple peel, to the round ones with white stripes, to the “little pearls”, looking somewhat like miniature eggplants, long and purple in color, very good to be preserved in oil.

What is common to all sorts of eggplant is the way of preparing them, because it would always be wise to cover them in salt to draw the water out before cooking them. After washing them, slice the eggplants (if you prefer, first peel them), sprinkle them with coarse salt and place them in layers in a colander or place them in one single layer on a slanting chopping board. After some 30 minutes, or even an hour, rinse them up and pat them with kitchen paper to dry them.

Letting them rest under salt not only draws away the excess water from the flesh, but also removes that slightly bitter taste they may have.

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