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Welcome to Pizza for Breakfast

Welcome to my kitchen, where of a morning it may even happen to eat pizza for breakfast…
This is sure not what you could define as a place to find classical cooking: you will rather discover my own cuisine, made up of a lot of bread (my passion), spices (my second passion), recipes with seasonal products and sweets (my third passion…).
As you will have gathered, cooking for me is a passion and I could never cook something that would not reflect somehow my feelings or my own being.
You will find recipes with a photograph of the finished dish, as well as others which also show the main steps of their fixing and, finally, the All-at-a-glance recipes, with all the photographic steps which will allow you, before even reading the text, to get an idea of how the recipe is prepared.
Feat for all, from the easiest to the most elaborate, they have all been tried once, tasted and tried again…

Pizza for Breakfast


Home-made bread (never so easy)

Home-made bread
This is the book you always dreamed of… over 100 recipes of breads, pizzas, focaccia and sweets that will avoid your losing the best of brewer’s yeast and sourdough.
Available on line:

1 Flour

About ingredients

1 Flour

1 flour is a semi-whole, very tasty flour, but still very thin and almost white. It gives a lot of taste to pasta, but it does not have the effect of real whole-wheat flour. The stone-ground sort is very good, because it also contains the innermost parts of the grain, such as the wheat germ. […]

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